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bandom_meme round up

(I forgot to do this for Round 2...)

Round 2 with 7 fanworks

Axis (Frank Iero/Jamia Iero/Lindsey Way/Gerard Way) by [personal profile] synonomy
Burns Your Skin (Frank Iero/Gerard Way) by [personal profile] sylvaine
Clash (Party Poison/Gerard Way) by Anonymous
Fate And Fortune Cookies (Courtney Beckett/Pete Wentz) by [personal profile] romantical
Linework (Travie McCoy-Pete Wentz gen) by [personal profile] inlovewithnight
A Penny For Your Thoughts (Party Poison/Gerard Way) by [personal profile] dear_monday
tattooed on the inside (Frank/tattoos) by [personal profile] akamine_chan

Round 4 runs until April 1st. Come leave a prompt, create a fanwork!