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More Bandom on Fanlore!


I'd like to run a challenge and would love you all to participate:

I explain it more in my post here: Bandom/MCR on Fanlore

Or, to quote: a big MCR and Fanlore fan, I'm kind of bummed that there isn't more fandom info on Fanlore. Sure, the Fanlore page on MCR covers all the major points - but where are the example fanworks? The pages for the major ship(s)? Isn't there much that can be added about the history of the fandom? How about "character" pages telling us a bit about fanon depictions of the band members plus some defining fanfics? How about pages about the major fandom communities, their histories and controversies?

If you are interested, please head over to my post (open to anonymous comments) to learn more!

(I focused on MCR, but the situation is comparable for the whole presentation of Bandom at Fanlore: It's there, but it could be much more.)