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bandom_meme round up

Round 4, with 7 fanworks

Another Line Without a Hook (Frank Iero/Mikey Way) by [personal profile] gorgeousnerd
Freedom (Party Poison/Gerard Way) by Anonymous
heat burns my skin (Ray Toro/Mikey Way) by [personal profile] akamine_chan
New World Order (MCR gen) by [personal profile] inoru_no_hoshi
play ring around the ambulance (MCR gen) by [personal profile] x_dark_siren_x
Untitled (Frank Iero/Gerard Way) by [personal profile] synonomy
we could live forever if you have the time (Killjoys gen; implied character death) by [personal profile] akamine_chan

Round 5 runs until April 15th. Come leave a prompt, post a fill!