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Promotional post! The second annual Bandom-wide Meet & Greet and Friending Meme!

Bandom Meet & Greet Meme! *\o/*

It's the second annual, super low pressure, Bandom-wide introduction and friending meme!

Come introduce yourself, meet new people, and make new friends if you like!
With FOB's return from hiatus, a new Panic! album on the way, the Killjoys comic being released this spring, Frank's side-project performances alongside the MSI tour, and BBB season looming, excitement in Bandom is running pretty high these days! Now is the perfect time for us to welcome newbies and reconnect with old friends who may have been away during the FOB hiatus!

Bandom Meet & Greet and friending meme at the MCR-daily-flail comm on Dreamwidth!

Spread the word! Tell all your friends to come and introduce themselves! The more the merrier!

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