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I've posted a Way-brothers-on-stage picspam in my journal here.
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Lately I've been collecting Bandom-related magazine scans from Google Books. They're mostly MCR, but there are also some FOB, P(!)atD, and general FBR/Decaydance. The whole album is here. I posted the MCR scans in my journal yesterday, and I posted the rest today. Click on the thumbnails to go the full picture. I uploaded the largest size I had.

Y'all are welcome to take, use, or link any as you like.
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Today I bring goodies!

Picspam: The Brothers Way

Fic: Standing on a Planet That's Evolving and Revolving (Mikey/Frank, NC-17, warnings: underage, hs au) I posted this last month, but not here, so you may not have seen it.

And last but certainly not least, I bring news of a Mikeyway-centric fic fest, [community profile] getmikeylaid. Prompt post and dates go up tomorrow. Go join and please let others know about it!
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So we're open. But nothings happening. Mostly my fault since I've been taking my time promoting the community. I thought I'd try to kick us off with a themed picspam to make up for it. Follow the fake cut to my journal.

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