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Gerard pauses for a minute then looks down, unbuttons his pants, and carefully slides the zipper down. He starts to wiggle them down his hips, but they're really fucking tight, and he's having trouble. "Fuck," he says, kind of under his breath.

Gerard keeps trying to push them down, and Frank tries really hard to pretend he's not noticing. Gerard's making it hard, though, as he uses both hands and squirms around even more, even bumping into Frank a few times. Frank's concentrating so hard on not watching the epic struggle between Gerard and his pants that when Gerard suddenly stops moving he glances over, only to see that after all that, Gerard has only succeeded in getting them halfway down his ass.

Frank can't help it then and collapses onto his other side, cracking up. "Pants: one; Gerard: zero," he gasps out between giggles.

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Oct. 23rd, 2017 08:49 am
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James was on nights last night, so I had a very tv heavy watching evening. As well as the Strictly results show I managed to get through one ep of Britain's Next Top Model -- yes, that's still one of my cheesy shows of choice. The first two episodes of The Gifted, which I really enjoyed a lot, and got stuck into my backlog of shows that have been sitting on the DVR for ages by watching the first two eps of Emerald City, which I also enjoyed.

It was a nice and chill evening, especially as I was sitting under a blanket, one cat on my knee and two of the others tucked either side of my legs. Though they were all most put-out each time I had to move.

Today we've planned to go to the cinema. We were thinking Blade Runner 2017 but every review I've seen has mentioned how long it is, so the possibility of James falling asleep is at 100% I'd imagine. So I think we'll head off to see Geostorm instead, which I've read is cheesy terrible, and therefore okay for a snooze if it happens.

Someone in the Musketeer fandom is taking part in whump October. They're posting a ficlet a day based on a list of prompts and I'm really enjoying them. But, they're also posting a story they've written for a challenge and while I'm enjoying that too, the story is complete but they're still posting it in short chapters over four days. Why do that?! Post the whole thing already. And yes, I suspect it'll be to get more comments and kudos but even so. >:(

My uncle phoned last night with more arrangements for the funeral. It's on Friday, and we'll be leaving from the funeral home as nanna's house will be empty by then. Which will be weird as the home is at the bottom of her street so by the time the cars park up they'll probably be outside hers anyway.

So it's that on Friday, and then it's the anniversary of dad's death on Thursday. Pauline is having a small gathering that evening. Corey is coming home from university for a day or so so it'll be nice to see him. He also needs to have a photocopy of nanna's death certificate to give to his uni to explain the time away. I get why, he's having to leave during important meetings for this last year and no doubt some people will have lied in the past to get extra time etc, but man, it feels like a harsh thing to do.

I had such a pang yesterday when I realised it was Sunday and I'd never to go nanna's on a Sunday again. It's what we've always done since I was a kid. First to have dinner there when young, then as we all grew up, just to meet up with family. Not every week, sometimes we had plans or James was at work, but the vast majority of time we were there. I suspect Sundays will feel empty for a while.

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Oct. 21st, 2017 11:59 am
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Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] solariana I hope you have a great day with lots of rest!

We had a lovely time at the awards do last night. Sadly James' group didn't win, but even so, it was a good time. A nice meal, good company and dancing until after midnight. I got up to dance, too. I don't know myself any more!

So many awards to amazing people were given out. My favourite being to a man who'd been a paramedic for 50 years, that's just, wow. It looked like he's more on patient transport side now instead of being out in the thick of things, but even so, he's still out there working.

We had two paramedics on our table, a fabulous lady who was in the nominated group with James, and another man who I thought was also in that group. But turned out to be the head of cardiology for the whole of NE England.

The hotel itself was lovely and set in gorgeous grounds, we would have explored a bit more this morning but James had came off a night shift, had been given the night off for the awards, but then needs to do two more night shifts tonight and tomorrow. So he's crashed out on the couch getting some sleep now.

So, photos. I said I'd post some, then that'll be that. No more pictures of my face *g*

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Oct. 17th, 2017 06:46 pm
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Thank you to everyone who commented and reached out after my last post. You're all very kind, and it was lovely to see some names I haven't seen post for a very long time. Seeing all the comments meant a lot and helped in what was a horrible day. And thank you to [personal profile] madam_beetroot for your card and lovely message that arrived this morning. I don't mind lurkers at all, but know I'm always here to talk to if you feel the need.

I've been to nanna's today to start help clear her house. I got to take a variety of things that meant a lot to me, nothing expensive or even useful in cases, but things that hold deep memories and I'll always treasure. I'm not going to lie, it was hard being there without her, but it has to be done. It's the first time I've helped break down a house, when dad died Pauline was obviously left behind, so it didn't have to be done. And 97 years of life leads to a lot of things to sort through.

Tomorrow it's my one year post op hospital appointment. So expect one final naval gazing post when I'm home from that.

Finally, [community profile] mini_wrimo is taking sign ups atm on both DW and LJ. I love that challenge a lot and I'll be signing up soon. It's very low key and you can set your daily word target as low or high as you like. As I have very little brain right now, I'm setting my bar low and going for 100 words a day. Who knows, I may even get a ficlet out of it somehow.
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"Wait, if you're here, where's our Frank?" Gerard interrupts.

"Isn't it like, a rule that you aren't supposed to go back in time and meet yourself?" Ray says. "Or forward, I guess."

They're both glaring at him suspiciously, like he somehow killed his future self. He can't do that, right? Unless he like, canceled his future self out by suddenly existing or something. He didn't see any other Frank around, unless he was like, hiding under the bed or something.

"He was only in there for a second!" Mikey says. "So how is he even here in the first place?"

"Yeah," Frank says wildly. "But you remember me coming back, and I'm still around, I mean, I was till now, so that means I'll go back soon and everything will be normal again. Right?"

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Oct. 15th, 2017 09:06 am
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Nanna isn't doing well at the moment.

cut for talk of imminent death )

ETA: I got a call and she's gone.

Nanna Rosie, I love you so so much.


spn fic: nothing else matters

Oct. 14th, 2017 10:25 pm
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Title: nothing else matters
Pairing: Castiel/Dean
Rating: PG
Words: ~1,200
Summary: "You say goodbye."
Notes: Episode tag; spoilers for 13x01. Angsty as hell.


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Oct. 14th, 2017 09:05 am
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I did get a dress, and we picked up James' tux the other day, so we're pretty much set now. If you're interested, I posted the dress on insta here. Not the best of photos, and I need to decide what to do in terms of hair styles, but you get the idea.

Kayleigh had a lovely birthday, but when she got there the staff told her the room was haunted, so her and her gf spent the night expecting to see ghosts and saying they were going to sleep in the car. Apparently the room we'd chosen for them has been featured on Most Haunted, and the hotel itself left an A4 sheet of paper talking about the supposed hauntings. But they did stay -- and slept in the bed -- so all was well.

We went to see The Snowman yesterday, and like many films lately, I enjoyed it much more than I expected.

Peter Duck, by Arthur Ransome

Oct. 12th, 2017 08:39 pm
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Book #3 in the Swallows & Amazons series, but a significant departure in approach from the previous books: the story that this book tells is a story that the children in the series tell each other about a fictional adventure they have, as opposed to this book being about something that "really" happens in the universe of this series.

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Oct. 10th, 2017 04:33 pm
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I'm so glad James finishes his set of days today. Normally the early starts don't bother me, but I've been dragging the last two days. We were even in bed by 9 last night, and I had a good sleep, but still feel like I need more.

Tomorrow is, must buy a dress day, so we're off to Metrocentre first thing. I've tried some on, now it's making a decision and checking out underwear as it's pointless getting the strapless dress if I can't get a bra to go with it. We also need to pick up James' tux. We ended up just buying in the end as hiring would have only been a little cheaper, plus they couldn't adjust the arms. This way he's got a suit tailored to fit him, which will look so much better.

I often dream about Camp Sparkle people, and last nights merits a mention simply because dream!me asked dream!Sperrywink if she'd beta for me. Which isn't unusual, what was though was I'd apparently written something 500k long, and had given her the first half to beta, with the second half being sent the next day. I just wish I knew what fandom/story it was. It could have been a sign for the future!

It's Kayleigh's birthday on Thursday. It was also my nephews on Sunday and my other nephews on Friday -- stupid birthday clusters! Kayleigh loves animals and phoned to ask if on her birthday we could go on a family day out to a safari park where you can feed giraffes. Which would be great, but mam's booked her a surprise stay in Lumley Castle on her birthday. She's gone all out with extras to the room, but put Kayleigh off by saying she didn't want to go on her trip, couldn't sit that long, why would she want to feed a giraffe etc, which of course made Kayleigh angry as she thought mam was doing her usual thing of spoiling occasions. In the end mam had to tell her she'd arranged something, but not what. Surprises, they really have the potential to blow up in your face.

I need go start something for tea now, but tonight is about relaxing, a long bath while reading Musketeer fic, a face mask, hair washed and conditioned, and then Bake Off. I've also got my eye on the BBB posted stories but I suspect they'll be left for a bit later.
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So, hey, hi there Yuletide Assigned Bringer of Joy (and curious drive-by readers).

THis is new and different for me. The posting to DW rather than LJ thing I mean, not the Yuletide. I'm an old hand at Yuletide. Which means that my tastes are pretty settled, so if you've ever seen my letters before, go ahead and skip to the fandom specifics, because nothing has changed about who I am as a fic reader. Anyway, here we go!

What I Like

I like all kinds of different kinds of stories, from G to E ratings, from quiet character exploration vignetes to meaty plot-driven adventure fics. I tend to gravitate toward romance as most of my choices this year make pretty obvious, but I also love family stories, slice of life/strange day in the life, serious or funny, future fic, before-canon, filling in the gaps.

Most of all, I really love stories that center the characters’ relationships (romantic, platonic, familial), show what’s interesting about the world and characters, and end happily or at least hopefully. My yuletide requests this year are all because I'm interested in the canon universe, so I'm not looking for any AUs that transplant them into drastically different worlds.

General Themes I like

  • Good hearted people who are doing their best, even if it’s not obvious to everyone around them.
  • People figuring out who they are and what they want.
  • Families, especially found families.
  • Supportive relationships.
  • Snark that’s covering genuine affection and a sense of the characters history with each other.
  • Meaningful conversations that are happening on multiple levels.

All Purpose tropes

  • soul bonds that kick in after meeting
  • telepathy
  • body swap
  • amnesia
  • mistaken identity
  • time loop
  • pregnancy/accidental baby acquisition/kidfic
  • journeys/roadtrips
  • forced co-habitation
Not sure about how well these could be applies to any of this year's requested fandoms but if one of them is something you love and you do see how it can work, rest assured that I'd be giddy to see them played out.

Shippy Tropes and Kinks

Most of this years requests have established relationships involved, so shippy get together tropes are potentially of limited use to you, but I like:
  • First times
  • new/developing relationships
  • mutual pining with minimal idiocy,
  • friends to lovers
  • rivals to lovers
  • casual sex with hidden feelings
  • fake dating, arranged or accidental marriage
  • cuddling for warmth, bedsharing
  • attraction to loyalty, competence, intelligence and so on.
  • having kids together/co-parenting
  • established relationships that are still full of spark
I like characters to be relatively equal partners in relationships (even if it may not look that way to an outsider) and I'm pretty much always going to prefer ot3 or polyamory over love triangles/jealousy. The more enthusiastic the consent the better!

If you are looking for an excuse to write porn, I'm definitely not gonna be mad. If you want it to be a little less than vanilla, just note that my likes in kink tend to lean toward the lighter side:
  • praise kink
  • body worship
  • light bondage/mild sensation play (not so much pain)
  • crossdressing
  • clothed sex/frottage
  • semi-public/discovery risk.
I also have a particular love of kink negotiation happening casually outside of sexy moments

Do Not Wants:

I'm asking that you please do not include
  • Rape/Non-con
  • Incest
  • Grimdark interpretations, dystopias, apocalypses, post-apocalyptic worlds, general unrelenting misery.
  • Physical or emotional abuse/humiliation, unequal power dynamics, 24/7 kink
  • Infidelity or betrayal of trust
  • Predestined sexual roles (A/B/O or BDSM universes)
  • Soulmate marks (IDK, I'm just not into that particular fated-love trope right now)

Fandoms Ahoy

A Life Less Ordinary )

Ferris Bueller's Day Off )

The Decoy Bride )

Footloose )



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