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Title: Hotel Night
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 618 words
Band and Pairing: The Like, Annie Monroe/Tennessee Thomas
Summary: Annie catches a flash of black out of the corner of her eye and glances up to see Tennessee sliding the glasses onto her face and becoming Georgina. Oh, she thinks.
Notes: This story was inspired by a quote in [profile] 6degreesforbandomfemslash's Tennessee Thomas profile: "When I put aforementioned granny glasses on, Annie calls me Georgina. Georgina is very approachable and amicable. Georgina's great to have around when things get tense. She drives Z crazy! Georgina is like that librarian that finally breaks down. She's slightly out of her mind, manages to distract us from what is actually going on, and her insanity always makes us smile. It's great because even when we forget to invite her she ALWAYS manages to find out where we are."

Many thanks to [personal profile] calvinahobbes for beta reading.

Links: AO3 | DW
meroure: girl (Charlotte Froom) lying on her back, lime green dress and bright red lips (reminiscent of de Lempicka)
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Title: all the guns and gasoline
Band/pairing: The Like / Danger Days 'verse | Charlotte Froom/ Z Berg
Word Count: 3938
Rating: mature
Warnings: Major character death
Summary: It's easy for them to leave the city because nobody expects them to survive out there. Girls don't belong in the zones. (Written for [community profile] poetry_fiction 2012.)

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