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hi, all! I've got on my mod hat here. does anyone want to temporarily take over the comm while I save up money for a new computer? it's pretty simple, just watch the comm and answer questions and stuff.
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The secrets and lies challenge is over (and there were some awesome entries!) and the new challenge is trick or treat. Because it's a Halloween-type theme, I'm going to run the challenge an extra week until the 31st.
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The hurt/comfort challenge is over and the new challenge is secrets and lies! You have two weeks to write or draw something. I look forward to seeing your entries!
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(I'm a day late, please forgive me!)

The memory challenge is over, and while there were no entries, you can come back and try again during our amnesty period.

The new challenge is hurt/comfort. From serious wounds (emotional or physical) to sniffles, it's all good.
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The family challenge is over. It generated three pieces, and you can see them here. Woo hoo!

The new challenge is memory and will run for two weeks. Have fun!
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We didn't have any entries this time for the court challenge, but I have high hopes for the next. The new theme is...


(thanks to [personal profile] omens for this one)

You have two weeks.
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I'm so excited to say we had three entries in the gods and monsters challenge. AWESOME.

I'm really excited about the next challenge, which is...


This can mean a court of law, a royal court, a courtship... any way you want to interpret it.

So do your thing, you have two weeks.

All suggestions for future challenges can be submitted as a comment to this entry.
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The very first theme for [community profile] angelsandkings's flash challenge is gods and monsters. Prompt was happily gleaned from [community profile] sga_flashfic. Hopefully we'll have lots of suggestions for challenges soon from all of you.

The challenge will be open for two weeks, at which time it will close and another challenge will open. So you have two weeks to create something and post it to the comm.

Feel free to interpret the challenge however you like.

ideas for challenges should be submitted as comments admin posts.

the rules post is here
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[community profile] angelsandkings is happy to announce the creation of a new (old, borrowed) challenge. A flashfiction challenge!

Rules and such:

Challenges will open on a Monday and close two weeks later, when another challenge will open up. Challenge theme suggestions are welcome.

Fiction and art are both welcome.

Please post your fic or art to this comm alone until the challenge is over.

Fiction should be complete at 100-1000 words, although no one will complain if it is longer. No unfinished works, or anything that can't stand on its own.

A header should be visible above the cut tag of your fic or art. All fic, no matter the size, should be behind a cut tag. Art should be behind a cut tag, though a small thumbnail is allowed above the cut tag.

Warnings for triggery material is strongly encouraged. If you choose not to warn, note that in your header so the reader knows.

So your header should look something like this:

Title: Think Happy Thoughts
Author: bestscreennameever
Band(s): MCR, FOB
Pairing/Characters: Mikey/Pete
Rating: NC-17
Challenge: Darkness
Summary: Mikey and Pete are kidnapped by aliens.
Warnings: Non-con, mind control, dub con, self-harm, character death

Have I left anything out? All sorts of things are welcome, from gen to ladyslash to crossovers. Have fun!

Challenge post coming right up!
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It's that time of year again!

Prompt! Write! Feedback! Anon or not. And tell other people about it, so we can have a bigger, better time.
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[personal profile] brokengravity gave me admin privileges so I can bring you this for Three Weeks For Dreamwidth.


Doors Open

May. 4th, 2009 09:41 pm
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[community profile] angelsandkings is open for business! The rules are in the userinfo, and I am extremely open to suggestion on them. If you think they're too restrictive, or not restrictive enough, let me know!