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Fic: The Problem I Want To Have by [ profile] melusina (text link)
Bands: Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes, Cobra Starship
Pairings: Pete/Tricia (also features Tricia/Travie, Pete/Jeanae, Tricia/Vicky T, Pete/Vicky T)
Length: 1:30:43
Download: On AO3
Summary: Tricia's heard the jokes all the guys make, and she's worked hard never to be that girl. She's not going to do anything that could screw up the band. And she's not going to be Pete Wentz's fucking girlfriend.
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cover of never change your spots

Title: never change your spots
Author: [personal profile] inlovewithnight
Fandom: Bandom
Reader: [personal profile] sylvaine
Cover Artist: [personal profile] sylvaine
Length: 0:05:08
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Gabe Saporta/Pete Wentz
Warning(s): (highlight to reveal) allusion to violence & non-con of the "turned into a werecreature against your will" kind
Summary: In which Pete and Gabe are were-big cats.

Notes, download links, and streaming at my journal
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Say Crack Again
By: [personal profile] josie
Bands: My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Cobra Starship, The Academy Is..., Gym Class Heroes
Summary: "Who understands those scene guys, anyway?" A fanvid in which Frank is just somebody Gerard used to know, and Pete Wentz does Gangnam Style. I'm not even a little bit kidding.
Format: mp4
Length: 3:29 mins
Notes: I've been working on this off and on for the last couple months. I just wanted to make sure it was at least a little funny. IS IT FUNNY? AM I FUNNY?? VALIDATE ME.

Video embed, download links, and song list.
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Title Flying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (But Threesomes Are Best When She's Naked) written by [personal profile] reena_jenkins, read by [personal profile] leish
Bands Panic!/TYV, cameos from FOB, MCR, CS and TAI
Pairings girl!Ryan/girl!Spencer, Brendon/girl!Ryan/girl!Spencer, Jon/Cassie, Pete/Patrick
Rating R
Length 5600 words/30:29
Summary I know nothing about cheerleading that I didn't learn from Bring It On, Hellcats, and watching ESPN when Middlest Sis makes me, but FLIPS! and KICKS! and PEPPY HAIR! and BITCHY SNARKY GENDERSWAP AWESOMESAUCE!
Link at AO3

Title Living on the Road With Demons written by [personal profile] leish, read by [personal profile] reena_jenkins
Band Cobra Starship
Pairing GSF
Rating R
Length 5000 words/39:52
Summary Probably Victoria's vehement protests that she is NOT a Slayer would hold more weight if she didn't, y'know, keep slaying things. (or, an epic tale of LOVE and LOSS wherein there is ACTION! ADVENTURE! EMOTION! ORGIES! EMOTICONS!)
Link at AO3
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Round 3, with 12 fanworks

as long as it's about me (Frank Iero/Gerard Way) by [personal profile] akamine_chan
believing in what you say (Frank Iero/Ray Toro) by [personal profile] akamine_chan
Bring It To A Close (Frank Iero/Gerard Way) by Anonymous
Heroes (Kobra Kid & Party Poison gen) by Anonymous
i don't care (Frank Iero/Gerard Way) by [personal profile] akamine_chan
Pixie Dust Canister (Party Poison/Gerard Way) by [ profile] cheerfortyranny
Scarlet (Party Poison/Gerard Way) by Anonymous
Shooting In The Dark (Mikey Way/Gerard Way) by Anonymous
Takedown (Gabe Saporta/Pete Wentz) by [personal profile] inlovewithnight
Taste of SIlk And Sin (Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz) by Anonymous
Tonight (I Wanna Be Saved By You) (William Beckett/Spencer Smith/Mikey Way (/Gerard Way)) by Anonymous
Your Mouth Is Poison (Kobra Kid/Gerard Way) by Anonymous

Round 4 runs until April 1st. Come leave a prompt, create a fanwork!
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Title: Fool Me Twice
Rating: M
Pairing/s: Gabe/William, implied Gabe/others
Warnings: alcohol abuse, what could be seen as minor consent issues.
Disclaimer: I disclaim.
Summary: Gabe reads people like cheaply-printed magazines; it's what he does best. But for all he's been able to learn about Bill, the boy might as well be completely blank. Gabe doesn't know him from anywhere except the last time they saw each other, although that doesn't mean shit these days. Gods are rootless like they've never been before, buying plane tickets and crappy airport novels and following the people who believe in them. Bill could be anyone. Anything. Takes place in the As Simple As Faith 'verse, because I was only too easily convinced that trickster!Gabe needed to happen.
Word Count: ~1,720

here @ LJ or here @ AO3.
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Title: Gods and Monsters
Author: [personal profile] omens
Band(s): Cobra Starship
Pairing/Characters: Gabe and Victoria
Rating: All ages
Challenge: gods and monsters
Summary: a Stargate SG-1 fusion.
Warnings: None.

Cobra'uld? Cob'Ra? )
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Title: A Stately Pleasure Dome Decree
Author: [personal profile] romantical
Band(s): MCR, FOB, CS
Pairing/Characters: Pete, Mikey, Gabe, Frank
Rating: PG-13
Challenge: Gods & Monsters
Summary: Just another night at the club
Warnings: Ridiculousness

* * *  )
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I never know what to say to encourage people to check something out but here goes - I made a community and It'd be sweet if you all went and had a look

[community profile] ohyes_theydid it's sort of a band/music alternative to the ONTD type coms


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I made a Choose Your Own Adventure fic! :D

Title: Choose Your Own (a Mikeyway adventure)
Possible Pairings: Mikey/Frank, Mikey/Ray, Mikey/Bob, Mikey/Gerard, Mikey/Pete, Mikey/Gabe, Mikey/Brian, Mikey&Ryan friendship
Rating: G to NC-17
Warnings: underage sex, possible incest (if you choose Mikey/Gerard), teacher/student (if you go with Mikey/Brian)
Total Words: 28,400+
Summary: high school AU with many possibilities.
Disclaimer: This never happened.

find it at [community profile] chooseyourown!

Master Post
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Title: The Road Goes Ever On
Rating: PG
Pairing: Gabe/Gerard
Disclaimer: This is purely fiction. It reflects nothing on the real individuals portrayed in this story. No harmful intent or defamation of character intended. No profit made in the creation of this.

Gabe and Gerard over the years
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So we're open. But nothings happening. Mostly my fault since I've been taking my time promoting the community. I thought I'd try to kick us off with a themed picspam to make up for it. Follow the fake cut to my journal.

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